Friday, June 17, 2011

Pre-Vacation Projects

Yesterday was SO productive.  I'm leaving for vacation in the Virgin Islands tomorrow morning, so I didn't have anything to do all day other than pack.  I had plenty of time to get some sewing done!  

First, I made two little pouches using this fantastic tutorial, both to put in my carry-on tote bag.  The bigger one is for embroidery supplies (I'm working on a secret project that I'll post about when I get back!) and the other is for small makeup items.  They were made using scraps and the zippers were from my stash, so they cost zero dollars!  They fit nicely in my tote bag and don't take up too much room.

Next, I worked a little on the aforementioned embroidery project, which I don't have any pictures of yet because it's not finished!  Then, around 5pm, I decided I wanted a new pair of shorts to take along.  I've only made two pairs of shorts before (pre-blog) and neither fit very well.  Honestly I'm not sure what I was thinking, starting a project that late in the day!

Fabric: Quilting cotton leftover from this skirt.
Pattern:P111B from 6/2011 BurdaStyle.  
Notions: Just a 9" invisible zipper from my stash.
Time to complete: About 3 hours
First worn: Just to take the pictures.
Wear again: Definitely!
Total cost: $0!

I'm super happy with how these shorts turned out, but I made so many mistakes during the process!  The biggest one was forgetting to add the seam allowance to the back piece.  I realized what I'd done right before cutting out the front piece, so I doubled the seam allowance on the front pieces.  To make up for the missing upper seam allowance on the back pieces, I cut a small strip and sewed it on before I sewed the darts.  Here's a picture for clarification:

I think the extra piece actually looks kind of cool, like a little pleat.  After sewing the waistband and facing on I realized they were actually too big, so I had to take in the waistband a little.  I'm glad I left the back pockets off because it would've made taking in the waitsband really difficult. Now they're perfect, and I can't wait to wear them!

I finished the hem with some bubblegum-pink lace tape.  I love little touches like this that make the garment personal!

I'll be gone for about a week and a half, and I'm taking my computer with me but I probably won't be posting very much.  Have a good rest of June!


  1. The shorts turned out great! I really like the bold colours of the fabric.

  2. These shorts look great on you, the fit and the fabric! Have fun on vacation


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