Sunday, March 13, 2011

Wardrobe Basics

I've been thinking about the practicality of the things I sew.  I'm getting better about making separates instead of tons of dresses, but there are a few key wardrobe pieces that I'm missing.  I'm going to try to alternate basics with fun skirts and dresses so I don't get burnt out!

Here's what I'm missing:

1.  A black pencil skirt.  I already have Butterick 5249 in view A all cut out, I just need to find some black suiting.

2.  A black slip.  Not exactly a difficult project and I'm sure I could do it without a pattern, but I might use "The Undies Book" just for fun!

3.  A pair of trousers that actually fit.  I recently bought Simplicity 2562 and I'm hoping the contoured waistband eliminated my swayback issues.  I always get that gap in the back no matter how well pants fit me elsewhere, and it drives me crazy!


4.  More lightweight blouses.  I usually wear solid t-shirts with colorful skirts or jeans, but I want some more tailored tops.  I have the patterns and fabric for two different ones which should be done in the next couple weeks!

That's not too ambitious, but I'm sure I'll add more items to my list.  Happy Sunday!


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