Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Forever Dress

It's finally finished...my first ever dress for a paying customer!  Granted, the customer is a friend and not a random stranger, but still!  The only people I've ever made clothing for other than myself are my boyfriend and my mom, and those were pretty loose garments.  This dress is very fitted.  Because of that, it took me four months to finish!  It's not that the directions were complicated, it was just the fitting process that took so long.  Luckily I got my dress form for Christmas, otherwise it would've taken much longer.  My friend, Melanie, is tiny...I had to set my dress form to the smallest setting possible!  Enough talk...you want to see some pictures, right?

The pattern is Butterick 5319.  Melanie and I went to JoAnn and she picked out the pattern and the fabric.  The dress has a crossover bodice, side zip, pockets, and is fully lined.  It also has a sash, which I made, but I prefer it without.  The dress looks adorable on Melanie but I'm still not 100% happy with it, which drives me crazy!  The left side, where the zipper is, doesn't line up exactly and the zipper sits a little low.  I unpicked the zipper twice to improve the fit, but the final time the sides just didn't line up.  I cut the seam allowances too short when I attached the bodice to the midriff to be able to fix it, so oh well!  It makes me mad that I'm giving her something that I'm not completely satisfied with, but I know the errors are probably more obvious to me than to other people...right?

I did some decorative embroidery on the lining just for fun.  I love when RTW clothes have little details like that so I try to add them into my clothes too!  My boyfriend ordered those cute labels for me for Christmas.

On another note, I found a spring jacket this weekend at Gap, which means I'm not going to make one!  I'd rather make cute floaty blouses and skirts anyways.  Speaking of, I visited a Hancock Fabrics that's about 30 minutes away on Saturday.  I'd never been there before, and I was so impressed by their selection!  I picked up these beauties:

Quilting cotton for Simplicity 2936, view D (the purple one).


Green patterned rayon for Simplicity 2601, view E (middle row, left).


I've never felt rayon before, let alone sewn with it.  It feels so luxurious!  The price wasn't bad either, about $7/yard on sale.  I cut out the pattern for 2936 (only 4 pieces!) but I probably won't get any sewing done until spring break.  Only a week and a half left!


  1. Great job on the dress! I love your labels and the decorative embroidery. Nice touch :)

  2. The dress you made for your friend is very pretty and the inside details are such a nice and thoughtful touch :) Don't worry about the slight side gap, it really isn't obvious! And I love your fabrics, especially the blue patterned one


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