Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Book Review: "The Undies Book"

I first heard about this book on Casey's blog and I immediately started looking for it!  I've been interested in making pretty underthings for a little while and I found this copy for about $15 on EBay.  

The book is divided up into two sections: Section One deals with fabrics, fitting techniques, and sewing techniques.  Section Two has patterns and directions for 25 different projects.  The information in Section One is a little dated in terms of available fabrics, as the book was published in 1976, but the fitting and lace insertion techniques are still very valuable.  

The patterns included are: five underwear patterns, pettipants, pants liner, four bras, three girdles, five slips, one pair of adorable cami-knickers, three camisoles, and two knitting patterns.  I'm particularly drawn to the slips since they're an unreasonably high price in most department stores.  The patterns are 1/4 size and you could enlarge them by taking them to a copy shop and enlarging by 400%, which could be pretty embarrassing, or copying them on tracing paper with 1" blocks.

Each pattern lists materials needed, tools needed, and the procedure with very comprehensive directions and illustrations.  

While it's usually easier to judge a project by a photo of the finished garment, I think these illustrations are adorable!  Maybe I'll get around to making something from this little book while I'm on spring break. 

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  1. I really need to start making some nice undergarments for myself as well. This makes me want to actual start working on something. So, thanks for the inspiration.

    I also love the illustrations in books like this. Thanks for sharing. I often find inspiration while looking through just the images in old sewing design, pattern and technique books.


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