Monday, January 17, 2011

Simplicity 6459 Update

Well, it's been another crazy week.  I'm so so glad we don't have class today--thanks, MLK!

Here's my progress on the vintage Simplicity dress.  I'm not totally happy with it yet--I need to lower the armholes a little, one side is tighter in the hips than the other, and it gapes at the lower back.  I also didn't use an invisible zipper like I normally do because I couldn't find one that matched, and I'm a stickler for matching!  However, I love the tie and I think the fabric is perfect.  I'm planning on finishing the hem with the JoAnn's off-white cotton lace pictured.  I need to finish it so I can get to work on a dress that I promised a friend!

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  1. Oh you should have used an invisible zipper anyways! A white/cream one would have matched just as well and if it's invisible, you can't see the teeth of course, just that little tab! This is a lovely dress made with a beautiful fabric but the zipper detracts a little from it....still, good job!


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