Saturday, January 29, 2011

Finally...Simplicity 6459!

You know what my least favorite part of having a blog is?  Taking pictures.  I mean, I love having records of things I've made, but I'm not a very good photographer and usually when I want to take pictures no one is available to help me.  I don't have a tripod, so I usually end up using my music stand and it just doesn't work very well.  On that note I apologize for the quality of the pictures.  I eventually gave up on getting good ones of myself and just slapped the dress on Matilda!

I actually a lot of trouble with this dress.  The pattern is vintage and while the basic pieces came together easily enough, I've never made something so fitted before.  I think I should have made a swayback adjustment but I can't really tell if I need it or not.  I ended up taking in the back darts a lot, and I also had to take in the sides.  I really need to learn how to make a muslin properly.  I made one, but I didn't use it to make many adjustments.  I think that would've solved a lot of my problems!  Any suggestions on making changes to muslins?

I like this dress a lot but I'm not sure how much use I'll get out of it.  Like I said, I usually don't wear wiggle dresses...I'm much more comfortable with dirndl and full skirted styles.  It's also not too easy to bend over or sit in!  

On a completely different note, I need to do a quick pants rant.  Why are low-rise jeans still on the market?  Most of my jeans are low-rise and I can't understand why I put up with it for so long!  I'm happy with my figure, but those pants just make me feel like my behind and tummy are all over the place!  I have two pairs that hit where I like them to, about an inch below my belly button.  My long-term goal is to get rid of all low-rise pants that make me feel unattractive and replace them with me-made trousers and jeans that rise higher and keep all my lady parts in place!


  1. You look gorgeous in this dress! I love the neckline. I understand about the pants. I'm making some right now that are a little lower than I like--oops. Next time I'm tackling some that sit just below the waist!

  2. love the dress, especially the tie! you did a great job. i know how you feel, i sometimes make things that i don't end up wearing - but i think this would be appropriate for brunch "with the girls" or something.

    jcrew still makes jeans that are not low rise; lucky jeans as well. i don't mind low rise if it fits right but a lot of times they are cut for someone seemingly with no curves! (and it's not like i'm super curvy or anything.) i also like jeans that sit right below the belly button.

  3. It's a great dress, love that fabric. Do you have enough fabric at the seams to let it out a little? It seems a bit too tight if you can't move in it comfortably and I do see some horizontal stress lines. Wiggle dresses were closefitting but you could always sit in them.

  4. I love the fabric and the tie collar! I found your blog because I too, was making this dress, and was looking for other people who made it. I just finished mine :) You can see it here:


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