Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Frilly BurdaStyle Top

I got behind on taking pictures AGAIN, then realized I had to get a card reader to go with my new macbook, so I finally took some pictures of things I've made recently.  I'm going to post about them one-by-one so I have something to write about!

This is blouse 119 from BurdaStyle 8/2010.

Not the most flattering picture, I know...I need to enlist someone to be my photographer!

I've never successfully worked with this kind of light material before.  It's 100% polyester, but it feels like chiffon.  I'm pretty pleased with how it came out, but I did a couple things differently.

I did pintucks instead of bigger pleats like the directions said.  I suppose I could use a pintuck foot; they aren't perfect, but I think they work.  I also did the ruffle a little bit differently, by folding it so there were no raw edges showing and stitching it first right side of the ruffle to wrong side of the blouse, then folding it over and topstitching.  I'm not a fan of the raw unravelling edges look.  I used the selvage for the sleeve edges so I didn't have to hem them.

Finally, I used this tutorial over at Threads to finish the hem.  It's a couched edge, and I'm definitely going to use it on future projects!  It wasn't perfect this time and I actually did it backwards, but I think it works.

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