Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I went to the coolest store yesterday.  I was expecting to find some unusual fabrics, but wasn't super impressed by the fabric selection.  It was all pretty pricy and nothing was that exciting.  I did buy two older Vogue patterns for $5 each, 8554 and 8443, and as I was checking out the woman said that the "warehouse" was through the double doors behind me.  

I really wish I would've taken a picture of this place, but I didn't have my camera on me.  The warehouse doesn't have any fabric, but it's an enormous room stocked full of shelves upon shelves of notions.  The friendly guy working there said that 99% of their business is online, and they sell to Macy's, Dillard's, and other huge companies along with lots of local tailors and smaller boutiques.  They had plenty of stuff for  home sewers too, and a huge clearance section.  

The loot:

One huge bag of buttons, including really awesome vintage metal ones, for $4.  They just hand you a bag to fill up and the buttons are sorted, so I got about 10 or 12 of each kind I liked.  

8 zippers for $2, and 2 spools of elastic thread for $1 that I didn't take a picture of because everyone knows what elastic thread looks like.  The tan zipper in the photo is 40 inches long!  I have no idea what I'll ever use it for.  Unfortunately not very many invisible zippers were on sale, but that's alright.

I could have spent hours in there wandering around and looking at all the threads, trims, lace, and buttons, but I had limited time.  They also sell sergers, sewing machines, irons, and just about any sewing accessory or notion you could ever want.  However, I've been searching for hook and eye tape forever and they didn't have that.  

$7.40 for all those notions plus $10 for 2 patterns is pretty darn good.  Afterward I dropped $60 at JoAnn on fabric and didn't feel so great about my thriftiness anymore!

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