Sunday, August 8, 2010

Summer projects!

So I procrastinated taking pictures for awhile because I'm a terrible model.  Tonight I got my reluctant mom to help me out, so here are some things I've made over the last couple months.  I'm going to try to be better at taking pictures regularly so I don't overwhelm myself!

First up, New Look 6864, view C+D+I+L.  I tried it awhile ago in some black satiny stuff and it was a disaster.  I love this mosaic-like fabric but I think it would have been better on a less complicated design.  You can't really see the neckline details here, but I still like it!  My only change was to add a second waistband of the same width.  Next time I'll just cut the waistband twice as thick, but as it was it looked babydoll-ish and I'm not big on that style.

Next is Simplicity 3850 for the shorts and the camisole pattern from "Alabama Studio Style" for the top.  This was my second time working with the shorts pattern (my first attempt was with denim).  It's turned out pretty well both times, but I changed a few things this time.  I added patch pockets on the back instead of the fake flaps on the pattern, I made the leg a little wider and longer so I could cuff it, and I took in the waist just a little bit.  They're a lot cleaner and more comfortable than my first try. 

I absolutely LOVE "Alabama Studio Style" by Natalie Chanin.  They have such inspirational designs and the pattern is a great base for making your own designs.  The cotton top was actually my second attempt at the camisole.  I conquered my fear of buttonholes, which originated the first time I tried to do them on my mom's old machine.  It's so much easier on my Babylock!  Those 12 buttonholes were a breeze.  Next time I'll make the straps thicker.

Here's the first attempt of the camisole top.  It was inspired by an Anthro top...I did gathering with elastic thread vertically and horizontally on a panel slightly bigger than the regular middle panel.  It turned out ok, but it's definitely a prototype.  I have some changes in mind for next time!

The fabric looks like it's washed out towards the bottom but it's just the camera.

Finally, these last two are both from Butterick 4914.  I love this pattern, and I made the blue one back in the spring.  I did some hand embroidery around the armholes because I'm hopeless when it comes to finishing the edges of jersey.  Any suggestions?

I could probably stand to take in a little at the sides of the red's a little baggier than I'd like it to be.  I also added a neckband type thing on this one, but it ended up a little high.  Oh well, better than too low!

Thanks for looking!  My future posts won't be so massive.

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  1. These are all great. I really like the shorts. They fit so well. Shorts are something I want to tackle especially after seeing how nice yours fit.
    The Butterick dress is so flattering. Wow on the hand embroidery. We need sergers....crossing fingers for Christmas gift.
    I'm Kristie by the way :) Found your blog thru


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