Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Serger Contest!

Here's my entry.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

The Stretch KnitWit: An Epic Poem

There once was a girl
Who was not a sewist.
She loved to play outside all day.

She swam and she swung
‘till the sky grew dark
And her mom called, “Come in, Becca May!”

Still something was missing,
She needed much more.
She wanted to make something new.

So one day she decided,
“My poor dolls need clothes!”
And she started collecting balloons.

She snipped and she trimmed
‘till she had a small top,
Then a dress and a skirt to match.

She dressed up her dolls
And to her great surprise,
She was asked to create a whole batch!

After her and her friends
Outgrew their doll phase,
She still felt the need to create.

Watching her mom sew
She came up with a plan
To prepare for her very first date.

“Will you teach me?” she asked,
With great unease
Of the hulking white whirring machine.

The next day they began
With a trip to JoAnn
And the place made her feel quite serene!

Despite her fears,
She turned out a skirt
And from then on she was persuaded,

But she had many issues
And broke lots of needles.
Her initial successes had faded.

She loved the dolls’ clothes
Because balloons can stretch.
She wanted that in her own clothes.

But each time she tried
To sew with stretch knits,
She ended up saying, “this blows!”

The fabric would stretch,
Contort and unravel.
She just couldn’t get it to behave.

Then one day someone said,
“You just need a serger!
You must have been born in a cave!”

Once the girl heard
Of this magic machine,
She knew she must have one herself.

But on closer inspection
Of prices online,
She threw that plan back on the shelf.

For now she was in college,
And there was no way
That she could afford such a prize.

So she kept on sewing
And messing up hems.
Stretch knits were to be her demise!

Then she learned of a contest
On “Sew Mama, Sew!”
That just might stop all her headaches,

“A serger!” she cried,
“It’s just what I need!
I could finally make Vogue 1178!”

“My stretch knits would fit
And chiffon wouldn’t fray,
My seams would all be so pretty!

My future children
Would just be so glad
That ‘Sew Mama, Sew’ took pity!”

“Please,” she said,
“Make my sewing as simple
As making doll clothes from balloons,”

“When posting on Craftster
About my projects,
I’ll no longer feel like a buffoon!”

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