Monday, August 16, 2010

New Fabric!

I'm super excited.  Why?  Because a friend from high school just brought over some fabric from Uganda!  She was there for awhile working with a rehab shelter for women and children, and she learned that her cook was also a seamstress.  She was trying to raise enough money for a new sewing machine to further her business while simultaneously supporting her brothers and sisters.  Megan decided to sell this women's creations to her friends in the U.S., and I asked about purchasing raw fabric.  I got 3 yards of 3 different wax fabrics for $10 each, and the seamstress earned enough to buy a new machine!

My only problem is that I'm too afraid to cut into them!  I'll have to figure out some really fantastic projects...

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  1. I realte to the feeling with such georgous fabrics .. I feel the same. Nevertheless..In your fine hands .. these fabrics will be fine. Be brave.... and get sewing.


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